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Platinum is a bright, silver-white color precious metal.  Platinum is considered to be the most secure metal for gem settings because of its resistance to damage from corrosion, heat and chemical attack.

Platinum is the purest precious metal with an alloy of 90 percent or higher. Look for a stamp of 950 Plat or 900Pt on platinum respectively indicating 95 or 90 percent purity. Rhodium, part of the platinum family, is a metal often used to plate silver, white gold and platinum to produce a brighter, harder finish.  Like white gold, it makes very white diamonds appear bright.



Because of its purity, platinum is excellent for people who are allergic to other metals.  It is considered a hypo-allergenic metal that will not irritate the skin.


To clean Platinum jewelry, use a mild solution of detergent-free soap and warm water to soak it or gently scrub it with a soft-bristled brush.

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