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It is a smooth, lustrous, variously colored "organic gem" material formed when an irritant, such as sand or a parasite, becomes lodged in the shell of an oyster.  Pearl, one of the most precious types of jewelry, has been harvested and worn for more than 4,000 years, symbolizing purity, virtue and modesty.   



  • Size: Pearls come in different sizes and shapes. The size of a pearl is important in determining its value. Pearls are measured in diameter by millimeter.

  • Shape: The more perfectly round the better the quality and the higher the value. 
  • Luster: This is the iridescent or surface shine that gives pearls their unique glow. 
  • Surface Blemishes: Pearls have natural imperfections. These blemishes on the pearl's surface should be minimal.  


Unlike other precious stones such as diamonds, pearls come from a living creature and are a sensitive gem. It is important to care for them differently than other jewelry.   Keep them separate, preferably in the silk bag they come in, from harder gems in your jewelry box because they can be scratched.  Also, do not put them in an airtight container since they need to breathe. 

Clean your pearls regularly by washing them in a mild soap.  Rinse them well and wipe them dry with a soft, absorbent cloth.


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